Spam & Viruses

SpamMalicious content is everywhere online and users are not always aware of when they are accessing it. One infected computer can take down an entire network, bringing productivity to a halt.

Having multiple points of defense is a good practice for any enterprise to follow.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Host-based anti-virus software is a must. Symantec Endpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to deliver layered protection. SEP also updates all clients continuously, so as new threats emerge you remain protected.

Appriver SecureTide and SecureSurf

AppRiver SecureTide and SecureSurf services can serve as a first layer of defense, before malicious traffic has a chance to make it to your network.

SecureTide makes it simple to keep your email inbox clean, from both unwanted emails and viruses. This service blocks up to 99 percent of incoming spam and email viruses, before they ever make it to your mail server or user inboxes, with no need to install any additional hardware appliances or software.

AppRiver SecureSurf web security service puts safe guards into place to prevent users in your environment from accessing content that is known to be malicious. SecureSurf continuously works in the background, and is updated automatically, so as new threats emerge, your environment will remain protected.

We offer a 30-day free trial of AppRiver SecureTide and SecureSurf services.


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